Saturday, June 22, 2013

"It's beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind. Someone that wants to undress your conscience and make love to your thoughts. Someone that wants to watch you slowly take down all the walls you've built up around your mind and let them inside."

                             "People change. Feelings changed.
                        It doesn't mean that the love once shared
                                        wasn't true and real.

                   It simply means that sometimes when people grow, 
                        they grow apart." - (500) Days of Summer.
We are often let down by the most trusted people and loved by the most unexpected ones. Some makes us cry for things that we haven't done, while some other ignore all our faults just to see our smile. Some leave us when we need them the most, while some stick to us even when we ask them to leave. This world is a mixture of such people. We just need to know which hand to shake, and which hand to hold.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well. I was thinking to post things we have got thru together for the last 9months, anything that pops up in my mind first. Yep, maybe I'm just that random. Haha it's just.. It's such a pleasure for me to talk about us, even just to think about us keeps me smiling. I love so much, my dearest one.


Gua kangen banget sama dia. Itu hal pertama yg bisa gua bilang, bcs that's the only thing on my mind rite now. Yes, you. Buat ngeliat kolom 'Title' dan mikir judul post ini aja, yg di otak gua pertama kali cuma lo. Can't even think of any other. Only you.

Missing you kinda drives me insane. Bener-bener. Kaco. Missing you keeps me awake 'til late, almost been 8 days. Kalo ngga tidur pagi, jam 3-4an, ujungnya begadang. Another sleepless nights here.. Almost every single day since you left, jam tidur gua mulai kebalik lagi. Berantakan. Mending, kalo dipake ngayap, main atau cruising all nite, nah ini. Cuma mikirin lo, dari kenangan bagus sampe tai2, and end up being lost in thought. Udah gitu, mau komunikasi aja susahnya minta ampun. Wajar sih, yg disana kan 6 jam lebih lambat (niat banget gitu ceritanya sampe search time difference-nya di google), udah gitu juga network cuma ngandalin Wi-Fi. Dari awal gua udah tau bakal kayak gini juga, makanya gua lebih milih jatohnya jadi kayak nghindar. Tapi kadang ya, maksud yg kita punya itu sering ngga sampe ke orang lain. Contohnya dia, yg sekarang lagi jauh di seberang benua sana. Dipikirnya malah gua punya gebetan lagi, pengganti doi. Cetek banget kesannya gua. Well.. Maybe I just need some time alone. To recharge my battery and restore myself. I'm just..... tired. And feel drained.

Tapi, gua selalu yakin mau seburuk apapun keadaan, dan masalah, pasti ada kok ujungnya. To see the rainbow, you gotta go thru the rain first, kan? Jadi ya.. No matter how hard people try to bring me down, no matter how bad the situation is and no matter how awful the mess I could ever make, I'll always be looking forward to seeing the brighter days. Apalagi ada lo. Walau mungkin sekarang lo udah nganggep ini tai, and take me for granted, tapi tetep kok. You'll always be my sunshine. You're all I see. I will always miss you, and I will always be in love with you. Forever.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Reality.

Well sometimes sometimes is just too good that you're finding it hard to believe in.But then again,no...this shit is real.Yeah.Something in your life is just too good that you wonder if it's real or not.Something like love.Love gives out all the things where a drug can not. Drug gives out surreal pleasures. Speaking in terms of this bullshit world in which we live in..sometimes you just feel unsatisfied or just simply unhappy about it. But that's just how the way it is. It is the reality. When the reality is not good enough, you'll see why a lot of people give their selves in to drugs and tried to deny what is actually real. But i figured out that what you really need to do is to actually do something and change it. You cant just be ignorant about the facts of the matter and running instead of trying. I did. I got out of what i thought is best and find something more and far way better than what it is that i used to believe. You wont know if you don't try,and trying obviously needs risk. There's a 50% chance that things will turn better,and vice versa. Clearly for me,things turned out for the better,and i can clearly see life differently with a better point of view. Once changed it cant be turned back. I don't see how a lot of people see love as a despiteful thing. Many tends to do so as the result of people who give love a bad name. Love is supposedly not taken for granted. Although it just simply just don't take it and waste it as if it's nothing. Watch out as there's a chance that you could probably never feel the same way again. Embrace it and live your life : D

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sharing and Caring

Happiness is meant to be shared. Boong namanya kalo lo sampe punya apa yang bisa di sebut kebahagiaan ini, tapi ga lu bagi bersama siapapun. Mungkin sih. Cuma menurut lengkap. Apapun itu yang lo rasa bisa bikin lo bahagia, stick with it. Karena ga se-simple itu kan kalo mau jadi individu yang berbahagia?haha. Ga gampang loh ngedapet "emotion" itu, dan belom tentu ada hal yang serupa. So..apapun itu yang bikin lo bahagia, hargain dan jangan di sia-siakan sob!